May 26, 2014

Hanes + Nica | Calgary Portrait Photographer

From cute to sassy, bold to extreme elegance. Meet Veronica and Hanes, a Calgary based Hair  Make-up and Styling duo. From make overs to styling, they truly bring out the best in you! It’s like Being Cinderella and getting two fairy godmothers!


Hanes & Nica


Meet Veronica a  Hair and Make-up artist who’s always been fascinated artistic colours and styles. Makeup is her art and human faces is her canvass. Creating and harmonizing the uniqueness of inner beauty and personal style  has been her goal in creating. She specializes in bridal, occasion, photo and fashion.

“Nothing is more fulfilling than making people feel beautiful” -Nica


Hanes & Nica


Standing proud and fresh is Hanes, in the largest crowd you will easily notice her with her amazing sense of style and award winning smile! Surely her beaming personality has a lot to do with her creativity, her keen eye for fashion trends makes her the “jane-of-all trades” when it comes to fashion. From simple to  stunning sophistication to modern and edgy styles, she is indeed the lady you can call on to! Her style is a reflection of her creativity, versatility and uniqueness.

“I dare myself to differ” -Hanes


Hanes & Nica



*On a rainy day at Elbow falls Bragg Creek AB. Styled and Make-up by this lovely ladies!

🙂 Profolio Photography, Sam&Armand