October 7, 2016

Fall Engagement | R+K | Calgary

Fall season always makes us feel so giddy. It’s our favourite time of year! There’s just something about the colour, the falling leaves and that warm romantic feeling that’s soothing and so refreshing when it comes to celebrating love. It’s Β certainly that time of year again! Rubie and Khang’s engagement left us so excited. Their reserved yet fun loving attitude towards the shoot was such a joy to capture! A shift of emotions from being soft and quirky to being uberly romantic was incredible and truly a delightful experience to find these little surprises a long the way. We spent the day strolling around Prince’s Island Park and found some really astonishing places to capture them that would showcase their endearing love for each other and their personalities. Rubie and Khang, you guys are such wonderful suprisingly amazing couple, we can’t wait for the wedding! Love, S&A

Here are some highlights from our session;