October 29, 2013

Honey | Etheral | Calgary Portrait Photographer


The smell of baked cupcakes always reminded me of how I met this lovely lady. That was summer. The same summer days when I had this concept in my head. I wanted to do this soo so bad.  Days passed and it was hard trying to get our worlds meet, Autumn comes and finally… I’m on top of the world! My little fairy tale is coming into life. So cute, so innocently sweet, so romantic.. As warm as the old summer days and as crisp and beautiful as the Autumn days. I’ve never felt I did such a good job, until this shoot. The next day? Snow falls. Perfect, yes it is.  🙂  ~S





Although the guys were the only ones who did such a good job at this  shot, here’s a Bonus BTS! Thank you Hanes for the endless talent and style. Honey, you are wonderful, you left in awe!  Thanks Brent  for being very supportive and keeping the p-shoot always safe & fun, the smell of such sweet Timmy’s coffee will always haunt me for sure.  You and Hanes are such wonderful thoughtful couple.  🙂

Thanks to my wonderful Armand, for helping me do whatever I wanted on this shoot! (my very polite assistant, you can make me pay back some  day)    ~♥Sam