October 13, 2017

Four Seasons Engagement | A&C

Young love burgeoning into a sweet sweet love story is Armine and Cyrene’s happily ever after. Locked in their gaze, hands interlocking their promise together Armine proposed to Cyrene at the top of Scottsman Hill in November. Charming, light, fun, genuine are few words we can describe how we feel towards this lovely couple. We wrapped up a year of complete Four Seasons of Engagement, here is how our story began.

PS. This Blog is quiet long, but I swear it’s totally worth the time, hang in there as we take you to a full Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Engagement session and reminisce how seasons change and how deeply love can make you feel so ethereal as the season goes.

Winter indeed can get so cold yet nothing stopped these two. Shot in Elbow Falls near Bragg Creek Armine and Cyrene sported their unique style with burgundy tones, a hint of sparkle and earthy patterns. Celebrating their love and comittment surrounded with nothing but the crisp winter air, ground covered in fresh snow and a faint sound of water flowing in the background,  their session was a picture perfect romantic winter dream! With a touch of Cyrene’s rustic charm and Armine’s genuine embrace, here is C&A’s first installment to creating a four seasons engagement shoot.


And here comes Spring blossoming into a new life and beginning. The ground melted down the snow, flowers and trees rebirths and they prepare for summer. Reader Rocks Garden is a perfect spot to celebrate Armine and Cyrene’s engagement session. We started with a little picnic, guitar and wine. Can you feel it? Spring is here, the light gets golden…love blooms and the music fills the air.

Summer could not be seen from far away, the beauty of the lake calls for nothing but a romantic evening. A glass of champagne pops, a splash of water catches Armine in a suprise, determined as they ran through the dock chasing each other. Chestermere Lake is like no other, this session took place at their backyard. Seriously. How gorgeous is this place?! Our session was perfect but every so often storm surprisingly comes in Calgary during summer months and brings out the most dramatic skies you’ll ever seen. Here is our session, 20 minutes before the storm.

Fall is here, and we countdown to their wedding in November. There is simply something more than just romantic in Autumn. Gorgeous colour pallette, falling leaves and nothing but a perfect time to be Thankful for the seasons and blessings that came past the whole year. Fish Creek Park never disappoint. Armine and Cyrene celebrates their whole year of engagement coming down to an end. What a tremendous experience! Looking back and seeing them getting so incredible comfortable in front of the camera is such a rewarding feeling but looking back to an incedible prefect couple celebrating and facing the future with true love and committment is like no other. Here’s to the gorgeous Autumn light and and colourful snaps of true Four seasons of Love and Engagement.